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Dark Spot Face Cream

Dark Spot Face Cream

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Balances the tone of your skin and reduces aging spots as well as spots causes by the sun. Use only at night before going to bed.


Our dark spot correcting Plousios facial soap prepares the skin freeing it from toxins and impurities from the environment. To receive the treatment from our dark spot facial  cream which, making use of its properties, removes freckles caused by the sun, imperfections and spots on the skin with its constant use. 

Apply only at night after properly cleaning the surface of your skin. On the areas where  the dark spots are and massage gently until cream is fully absorbed.

In the mornings wash your skin with our oatmeal or hydrating facial soap and hydrate your skin with our hydrating facial cream for better results. 


- Plant extract, Vitamins, Naturale oil, and Ceramida.

All natural ingredients.

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